The popularity of gravel riding has experienced rapid growth the last few years, & with that, we have seen an ever-expanding community building around it.  Below, I've listed some of those community influencers I have found to be very useful following for content, routes, & just about everything gravel.

Scottish Riding

My go-to for gravel riding adventures in Scotland, & much more.

Small channel, but brilliantly produced bikepacking/gravel adventures.

Another small channel, but some of the rides feature here are excellent.

Ross is another new content bringer on YouTube, but excellent content & worth your time.

Iconic gravel riding around Scotland and beyond, & a good accompaniment to the book.

A hidden gen this channel. Superb trails, excellent camera work, and very entertaining.

An enthusiast of gravel riding, just starting out with mostly local routes.

Gravel Tech & Riding

Tires, tech, and just about everything in-between, a great channel to watch.

A true vetran of the sport, and a real wealth of knowledge, an excellent channel.

Juilette is quite the off-road and bikepacking specialist, with tech, riding & equipment reviews.

Facebook Groups

With over 3.6k members, this is the biggest gravel bike Facebook group in Scotland.

Currently the biggest gravel riding group in the Uk, with 14.6k members.

Another big UK gravel riding FB group, currently with 11.7k members.

USA based gravel group with 26.1k members, the biggest collective of ethusiasts on FB.

Gravel & Bikepacking Books

This is a 'must have' book by Ed Shoote. With 28 gravel rides in Scotland of the highest quality.

An excellent book from Markus Stitz, with 25 gravel routes around the UK.

For the more adventurous cyclist looking to get into bikepacking.

Bikepacking trails in the Uk, with wild camping adventures.