Gravel Scotland 


Group Disclaimer

For all members of 'Gravel Scotland Meetup Group' joining a group ride, you are agreeing to, and responsible for the following criteria being met in order to comply with the ‘Safety First’ policy of the group during every ride: 

1.  All rides are weather dependent.  Any rides venturing into remote parts of Scotland are reliant on conditions being suitable for the day's riding, if the conditions are not met, the rides will be cancelled, usually with 24-72 hours’ notice, last minute cancellations, however, are not ruled out.

2.  When signing up for a group ride, you are agreeing to be responsible for your own safety, have your own copy of the route, wear a cycling helmet and shoes, and the appropriate attire for the ride conditions. Some courses posted on the Meetup group will have technical sections, members are encouraged to study the course map before deciding to join a ride and be confident their bike handling skills are sufficient to safely ride the route. 

3.  Organisers of the rides are not assigned a role as leader or guide, but are there to offer assistance wherever possible, should it be required.

4.  Gravel riding can be physically demanding, a good level of fitness is required to sign up for the group rides.

5.  Both on and off-road bike handling skills are essential to each individual joining a group ride. Knowledge of the 'Highway Code' is important, as is being able to navigate technical terrain, especially during wet conditions.

     When signing up for a group ride, you are doing so with an acknowledgment that your bike handling skills are competent for both on and off-road riding.

6.  Bringing a well-maintained bike appropriate for the terrain is also essential to join the group rides. Good tire grip, braking, and gear indexing are all essential for a safe bike.

7.  All riders joining a group ride are responsible for bringing a basic ride kit and trail-side repairs, this might include a multi-tool, quick-link and chain breaker, spare inner tube and repair kit, pump, food and water, rain mac, and an emergency contact should the worst happen.

Rides posted on this website have been graded for difficulty:
Note - this is not an official grading, but my own assessment of how I experienced the routes.
Everyone's experiences will differ based on their fitness & experience with riding technical terrain.

Easy  Mildly technical. A good fitness level is recommended.
Mixed surfaces might include: 

Road, cycleways, gravel tracks, bridleways, grassland, & perhaps some mildly technical sections.

Spare tube/pump/multi-tool, food & water is the minimum carry kit.

Medium  Can be quite technical in places, a good fitness level is essential.
Some sections of the route will be technical, (this might include small rocks & chuckholes), short river crossings, climbing over gates, hike-a-bike, & single track.
Remote backcountry and steep climbs may also be involved.

Everything in the 'Basic Ride Kit' should be carried.

Hard  Experienced riders only.
You will need to have excellent fitness levels & be confident in tackling technical sections at a group pace.
Excellent bike handling skills play a big part here, as does carrying the right kit, & being able to make bike repairs in far remote areas of Scotland.
Basic first-aid and survival skills may also play a part in the safety of the ride.

Additional items from the 'Advanced Ride Kit' should be considered for this ride.