Cycling & Nutrition.
My Top 10 Superfoods & More.
Good performance on the bike starts with a good diet.

My top 10 superfoods compiled over the last 15 years are not necessarily based on nutritional density, and do not reflect preference, trends, or availability, it’s based on research backed by meta-analysis, longevity associated with certain cultural diets, foods that contain unique compounds, composition, foods that promote good gut health, low inflammation, immune function, anti-aging, brain health, & experience I've had refining my own diet the last 25 years.

Whole foods that are minimally processed, fresh, organic, & locally produced/sourced where possible.

1. The food that has always been top of my list as far back as I can remember is wild-caught oily fish and seafood, which are super high in omega-3 fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and trace minerals, but also has some of the highest amounts of taurine found in food, which is the most important of the amino acids to get naturally, and not through synthetic supplements.

2. In second place are egg yolks, organic, free-range, farm-sold eggs. Even better if you had your own hen house. Eggs are one of the best forms of complete protein and virtually a complete food in itself. The density of nutrition found in egg yolks is astounding. Three a day is my benchmark consumption.

3. Olive oil. No surprise here, it’s at the very core of a good Mediterranean diet. Organic, high quality, cold pressed, unfiltered, and as fresh as you can get it. Many many reasons why olive oil should be on everyone’s daily consumption list, too many to go into here, the most obvious being the high content of polyphenols, your gut microbiome loves olive oil.

4. Fermented foods – arguably the best probiotic on the planet. But there is a vast difference between fermented foods you buy in a jar and the ones you make yourself and refrigerate. I make it myself, it’s not hard, and the benefits are exponentially higher.

The next 6 superfoods are in no particular order:

-Low omega six nuts.  This includes pistachios, coconut, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and pecans.

- Broccoli.  Organic, lightly steamed.

- Spices:  Ginger, turmeric/fresh black pepper, cinnamon, Korean ginseng.

- Green tea.
- 85%+ organic dark chocolate(Tested as low in heavy metals).
- Beans. They are a treasure trove of electrolytes and trace minerals almost every human on planet Earth is short of.  My favourite two are butter beans for their high content of magnesium, and kidney beans for their high content of potassium. 

Other notable superfoods that didn’t make my top 10 but still feature high on my list:

Organic mushrooms, bone broth, avocados, organic/non-fortified yeast flakes, chilies, fresh garlic, watercress, red cabbage, red onions, fatty beef, (grass-fed), beef liver, fermented diaries like high-fat Greek yogurt, blackberries, pomegranate, black freshly ground coffee, goats cheese, artichokes, and asparagus.

Side note:  With the exception of berries, few fruits make it to my top list due to the high content of fructose and the associated risk of long-term damage fructose can have on your liver, insulin resistance, and inflammation. 

Author: Isaac Spencer.

Homemade Energy Bars. 

(That is a game-changer for riding!)

A recent addition of mine, and so much nicer than anything you can buy, is homemade organic energy bars.
Here's how easy they are to make. (Amazon is good for organics)




You can honestly make up your own ingredients, I did, just as long as you have something to bind them, it’s all good, just experiment.

Method: (10 mins)

Melt the honey, make sure all ingredients are chopped small-ish, combine everything. Get the texture so it’s sticky, but not too wet, use oats/coconut liquid to find the balance.
Place in a clingfilm-lined baking dish, (I use 8”x10” & 1” deep),  spread out the mix, and make sure it’s not too thin, chunky bars work best. Cover in clingfilm, leave overnight to set, cut into thick bars, wrap in baking parchment, cover that in clingfilm, and freeze. They will keep for 4-5 months.

Benefits of these bars:

-Instant glucose, (some honey/fruit)

-Slow-release glucose, (oats)
-Fructose, (some honey, and fruits)

-MTC, which is converted into ketones as an energy, (the coconut)