& Ride Kit

Safety, ride kit, and useful info for gravel rides.

'How I prepare for rides can have a huge impact on the quality and outcome of the ride, so below, I have gone into a lot of detail on what prep I do before a ride, what I carry, & what I expect others riding with me also do for preparation'.

My first priority is always ride safety.

'To ensure any ride I undertake covers safety as a priority, I do one of many things as a basic preparation before riding.'

Organisers pre-ride checklist:

Basic Ride Kit:

 My BASIC riding pack will always include:

Advanced Ride Kit:

For remote backcountry areas, I ride with an ADVANCED pack:

Remote Riding Life-Savers I Might Add

Also Quite Useful To Pack:

GS Meetup  Disclaimer Page & Ride Grades:

Important: All riders must read the 'disclaimer page'.
This page also includes info on how rides are 'graded' to help members assess their suitability before signing up for a ride. (Link below).