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'Welcome to Gravel Scotland Meetup Group!'

Whether you are just starting out in gravel riding, or a seasoned rider, this group offers something for all levels/skills.

Rides posted fall into 3 general categories:

1. Beginner-friendly: Shorter rides, easy pace, mildly technical.

2. Routes For Gravel Enthusiasts:  Mid-range/pace, technical sections.

3. Epic Ride Series:  Long/remote rides, some tough sections, but some of the best gravel routes in Scotland.

Rides are usually between 40-75km, averaging 15-18kph, (9-11mph), so more of an easy/mid-paced group.

Some of our trips will be in remote areas of Scotland, so our focus is very much on safety first.

Our group is based in the Lothian area with many of our rides covering the surrounding regions of East Lothian, Fife, Borders, and Perthshire.

As the group develops, rides will expand to Dumfries & Galloway, the West of Scotland, and the Highlands.


Everyone joining a group ride will be responsible for their own safety.

It’s important you visit our website page for pre-ride safety tips/checklist, and kit you are expected to carry on rides:


Also essential reading for members.


A financial contribution yearly of £5 towards the running of the group is not mandatory but is appreciated!

Organisers we need you!

We love discovering new routes, and the group relies on members posting their favourite rides as an organiser so we can all discover what this beautiful country has to offer together.

Let’s gravel adventure Scotland!

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We love finding new gravel routes!

And if you know some good routes, locally or around Scotland, you are in the right place to find other riders to share it with, in fact, we welcome it.  And posting a ride couldn't be easier on our Gravel Scotland Meetup group.

Once you are an organiser on GSMG, posting a ride is easy.  Just a few steps for you to follow to ensure everyone has access to basic ride safety protocols.